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Bible of Amos Groff, 1813-1882



Children of Sarah, 2nd wife

Abraham L. Groff was born September 21, AD 1860
Sign Sagitarius

Susanna Jane Groff was born Mary 11, 1863

Sarah Louisa Groff was born June 8 AD 1865
Sign Sagittarius

Amos Benjamin Groff was born August 24, 1868

Anna Laura Groff was born February the 13 Ano D 1872

John Michael Groff was born September 27 Ano D 1869

Thadeus Henry Groff was born Sept the 21 Ano D 1874


Deaths of Sarah's Children

Thadeus Henry Groff died August 26 Ano 1876
Aged 11 months and 4 days

John Michael Groff died Sept 11, 1870
Aged 11 months and 19 days

Amos Benjamin died Sept 11, 1868 nineteen days

Sarah Louise Groff died July 30th Aged 4 months and 21 days

Abraham L. Groff son of Amos and Sarah Groff died February 9th AD 1861
Aged 4 months and 19 days

Anna Laura Groff d. 1941


Barbara Groff, daughter of John Groff and wife of Amos Groff died January 20th AD 1853
44 years 4 months and 4 days

Sarah Groff, wife of Amos Groff d. Apr.16 1876
Aged 48 years and 2 months

Amos Groff died May 16 AD 1882
Aged 69 years and 4 days

Deaths of Barbara's Children

Catherine Groff died March 8th AD 1837
Aged 4 years 5 months and 8 days

John Henry Groff died January 4th AD 1837
Aged 4 months

Amos Levi Groff died December 4th AD 1842
Aged 3 years 10 months and 4 days

August Benjamin Groff died June the 1st AD 1847
Aged 6 months and 28 days


Amos Groff and Barbara Groff was married Dec 27 AD 1832 born Feb 16 1828

Amos Groff and Sara Sweigart was married January 18th AD 1859


Amos Groff was born May 12th AD 1813

Barbara Groff was born Sept 17th AD 1811

The Births of the Children of Amos and Barbara Groff

Catharine Groff was born September 28 AD 1833
Sign Aries

Esther Groff was born December 21 AD 1835
Sign Taurus           M. Jim Lines

John Henry Groff was born September 4th AD 1837
Sign Scorpio

Amos Levi Groff was born Jan 31st AD 1839
Sign Virgo

Frances Elizabeth Groff was born Mar 30 AD 1841
Sign Cancer               m. Philip Ankrim Lefevre Sept. 1, 1859 Strein

Barbara Ann Groff was born March the 7 AD 1844
Sign Libra                       m. Benjamin Hooker

August Benjamin Groff was born Nov. the 4 AD 1846
Sign Taurus

Mary G. Groff was born May the 7th AD 1848
Sign Scorpio     m. Jacob Urban Nov 8 1868 Strein

Maris H. Groff was born October the 9th AD 1850
Sign Sagittarius  m. Elizabeth Jane Walter, Mary Tressler


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