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Cemeteries of Lancaster County

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Adamstown Borough

Cedar Grove Cemetery

Akron Borough

Akron Lutheran Cemetery

Mt. Zion United Methodist Cemetery

Landis/Kemper Graveyard

Weaver/Meyer Graveyard

Bart Township

Baughman Burying Ground

Bart Meeting

Middle Octorara Presbyterian Cemetery,Old

Middle Octorara Presbyterian Cemetery, New

Octorara United Presbyterian Cemetery

Rockey Family Cemetery

Nickel Mines Mission

Georgetown Methodist Cemetery

Rockey Graveyard

Bartville Amish Graveyard

Bart Amish Graveyard

Brecknock Township

Bowmansville Mennonite Cemetery

Bowmansville Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Pine Grove Mennonite Cemetery

Martin' Cemetery (Red Run)

Bowmansville Union Cemetery

Messnar's Graveyard

Caernarvon Township

Bangor Episcopal Cemetery

Caernarvon Cemetery (Methodist Free Burial Ground)

Caernarvon Presbyterian Cemetery

Mt. Culman Evangelical Cemeteries (Old & New)

Churchtown Mennonite Cemetery

Conestoga Mennonite Cemetery

Hertzler Cemetery & Churchtown Mennonite Cemetery

Mast Amish Cemetery

Hertzler Graveyard

Styer Graveyard

Newswanger Graveyard

Clay Township  - Transcriptions available in Grave Undertakings Clay Township, Vol. 3

Indiantown Mennonite Cemetery

Hopeland Cemetary

Dissler/Prise Graveyard

Eberly Graveyard

Gockley/Gackle/Cagualin Graveyard

Becker/Heffley Graveyard

Brubaker (Abraham) Graveyard

Mount Airy Union Cemetery

Boyer Graveyard

Colerain Township

Andrews Bridge 

Beyer Cemetery

Colerain Baptist,

Hilltown AME Cemetery

Union Presbyterian Cemetery,  Part1

Union Cemetery Part2........Part 3

Wesley Methodist Cemetery 

Columbia Borough

Mt. Bethel Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery

Zion Hill Veteran's Cemetery

Conestoga Township

Marticville Methodist Cemetery

Hess Family Graveyard

Rivercorner Mennonite Cemetery

Conestoga Reformed Cemetery

Conestoga African Cemetery

Bethel Evangelical Cemetery (AKA Mt. Zion)

Colemansville Methodist Cemetery

Safe Harbor Roman Catholic (AKA St. Mary's)

Conestoga Methodist Cemetery

Green Hill Methodist Cemetery

Graver Graveyard

Benedict Eshleman Graveyard

Fehl Graveyard

Safe Harbor Cemetery

Shenk/Hess Graveyard

Hebbel Graveyard

Stehman Graveyard

Myer's Graveyard

David Hess Graveyard

Barr/Kendig/Myley Graveyard

Kendig Graveyard

Harnish Graveyard

Potter's Field (former)

Safe Harbor Cemetery (former)

Conoy Township

Brenneman Engle Cemetery

Falmouth Methodist Cemetery

Falmouth Union Cemetery

Red Hill Graveyard

Ebersole/Rutherford Graveyard

Haldeman Graveyard

Ebersole/Hernley Graveyard

Ebersole Graveyard

Ebersole/Good Graveyard

Stoner/Delmler/Derr/Kauffman Graveyard

Minnich Graveyard

Brubaker Graveyard

Smith/Schmidt Graveyard

Bryan Graveyard

Bainbridge Public Cemetery

Old Bainbridge Town Cemetery

Horst Graveyard

Etter/Oldwenner Graveyard

Engle Graveyard

Martin Graveyard

Engle Graveyard (former moved to East Donegal Cemetery)

Hackenberger Graveyard (former)

Denver Borough

Fairview Cemetery (Bucher Cemetery)

Denver Union Cemetery

Drumore Township

Boyd Graveyard

Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Drumore Friends Cemetery

Mt. Zion Methodist Cemetery

Showalter Cemetary ??

Chestnut Level Presbyterian, Upper Cem,

Chestnut Level Presbyterian, Lower Cem,

Morrison Cemetery, 1st Cemetery of Chestnut Level Presbyterian Cemetery

Prawl Graveyard

Earl Township

Zeltenreich Cemetery (AKA Seltenreich, Roland/Rowland)

Pike Mennonite Cemetery

Martindale Mennonite Cemetery (New)

Martindale Mennonite Cemetery (Old)

Hinkletown Mennonite Cemeteries

Voganville Union Cemetery

Bethany Evangelical Congregational Cemetery/Showalter Family Graveyard

Redwell Mennonite Cemetery

North New Holland Old Older Mennonite Cemetery

Bair/Bare Graveyard

Martin Graveyard

Ellmaker/Kurtz Graveyard

Sensenig Graveyard

Ellmaker Graveyard

Groffdale Amish Graveyard

Witwer/Weaver/Holl Graveyard

East Cocalico Township

Muddy Creek Union Cemetery

Salem Union Cemetery

Memory Garden Cemetery

Withers/Harshbarger Graveyard

Reams/Reddig Cemetery

East Donegal Township

Donegal Presbyterian Cemetery

Maytown Reformed Cemetery

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery/Maytown Union Cemetery

Kraybill Mennonite Cemetery

East Donegal Cemetery

Shock Graveyard

Engle Graveyard

Hershey Graveyard

Hershey/Heist Graveyard

Bucher/Hollinger Graveyard (former)

East Drumore Township

Quarryville Cemetery

Saint Catherines Catholic Cemetery

Mount Hope-part1.........part 2

Mechanics Grove Mennonite Cemetery

Mechanics Grove Church Of The Brethern Cemetery


East Earl Township

Weaverland Mennonite Cemetery

Weaverland Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Cedar Grove Presbyterian Cemetery

Center Church Union Cemetery

Ranck's United Methodist Cemetery

Goodville Mennonite Cemetery

Zimmerman Cemetery

Bridgeville Evangelical Congregational Cemetery

Garman/Sensenig Graveyard

Ranck Graveyard (Philip Ranck Graveyard)

Ranck Graveyard 

Weaver Graveyard (Weberthal Graveyard)

Welsh Graveyard (Morgan Graveyard)

East Hempfield Township

Landisville Union Cemetery (AKA Landisville Old Mennonite Cemetery)

Rohrerstown Mennonite Cemetery (Old)

Rohrerstown Mennonite Cemetery (New)

Rohrerstown Union Cemetery

Landisville Reformed Mennonite Cemetery

Centerville Cemetery

Salunga Brethren Cemetery

Salunga Mennonite Cemetery

Church of the Brethren Cemetery (AKA Graybill's Cemetery)

Schwar/Bear Graveyard

Musselman/Minnich Graveyard

Stehman Graveyard

Brubaker Graveyard

Hoffman Graveyard

Brubaker/Miller Graveyard

Grosh Graveyard

Bowers Graveyard

Stauffer/Kauffman/Minnich Graveyard

Denham/Kurtz Graveyard

Schwar/Buckwalter Graveyard (former)

Gamber/Stoner Graveyard (former)

Rohrer Graveyard

Beard/Foltz Graveyard (AKA Spruce Grove Graveyard)

Stehman Graveyard (former)

Hoffman Graveyard (former)

Brubaker Graveyard (former)

Bower's Graveyard (former)

Stauffer/Kauffman/Minnich Graveyard (former)

East Lampeter Township

Lampeter Friends Burial Ground

Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery

Bird in Hand Methodist Cemetery

St. John's Methodist Cemetery

Denlinger Graveyard

Beiler Amish Graveyard

Seigrist Graveyard

Herman/Harmon Graveyard

Lefever/Gruner/Leaman Graveyard

Zercher Graveyard

Bassler/Greider/Geist Graveyard

East Petersburg Borough

East Petersburg Mennonite Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Union Cemetery

Eden Township



Mount Pleasant Mennonite

Mount Eden Lutheran Cemetery (aka Bowery Cemetery)

Elizabeth Township

Zion Reformed Cemetery

Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Hammer Creek Mennonite Cemetery

St. John's Lutheran Cemetery

Coleman Memorial Cemetery

Sahn/Kunzi Graveyard

Kauffman Graveyard (AKA Lexington Cemetery)

Brubaker/Bar Graveyard

Eby Graveyard

Erb/Steinmetz/Brubaker Graveyard

Brubaker Graveyard

Badorf/Sahm Graveyard

Stauffer Graveyard

Elizabethtown Borough

Christ Lutheran Cemetery

St. Peter Roman Catholic Cemetery

Mount Tunnel Cemetery

Smith/Gish Family Graveyard

Herr/Gingrich/Reider Graveyard

Martin Graveyard

Ephrata Borough

Ephrata Cloister Cemetery

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Wolfe Cemetery

Lincoln Union Cemetery

Bowman Cemetery

Gross Cemetery

Hibsham Cemetery

Cedar Hill Cemetery

Kurtz Graveyard

Ephrata Township

Bergstrasse Lutheran Cemetery

Bethany Reformed Cemetery (AKA Cocalico Church Cemetery)

Middle Creek Cemetery

Springville Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Mohler Cemetery

Hahnstown United Zion Cemetery

Meadow Valley Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Keller Graveyard (AKA Springville Graveyard)

Hess Graveyard

Hauck/Fry/Frey Graveyard

Kemper Graveyard

Erb Graveyard

Fulton Township

Blake Graveyard

Jackson Graveyard

Little Britain Cemetery (old) also known as Carmichael Graveyard or Sidwell Graveyard

Rigby Cemetery

Cemetery located at the former site of Asbury AME Church

Ballance Friends Burial Ground

Bethal Methodist, (now Bethl Mennonite)


2nd Boyd plot

Penn Hill Friends,(Formerly known as Little Britain Meeting)


Hess Cemetery

Little Britain Presbyterian Cemetery ,{a few photographs}

Pleasant Grove Methodist Cemetery

Rock Springs Baptist

Mt. Sinai Union American Methodist Cemetery

Hess Graveyard

Lancaster City

Riverview Burial Park

Trinity Lutheran Graveyard (former marked by memorial wall)

First Reformed Graveyard (former site)

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cemetery

St. James Episcopal Graveyard

Moravian Graveyard (former site)

Presbyterian Graveyard

Wesleyan Graveyard (AKA Methodist Cemetery) (former site)

St. Joseph's Old Graveyard

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Graveyard

Shreiner's Cemetery (AKA Concord Cemetery)

Lancaster Cemetery

Woodward Hill Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Cedar Lawn Cemetery

Riverview Cemetery (AKA Riverview Burial Park)

Stevens-Greenland Cemetery

Musser (John) Family Graveyard

Nissley Graveyard

Heller/Landis/Mosser Graveyard

Lancaster Township

Hershey/Erisman Graveyard (former)

Degel Israel Cemetery

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery (new)

St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Greider/Kreider Graveyard (former)

Conestoga Memorial Park

Hershey Graveyard (former)

Graveyard (former)

Eshbach Graveyard (former)

Shank Graveyard

Hostetter Graveyard (former)

Gable Graveyard

Johns Graveyard (former)

Ziegler Graveyard (former)

Stevens Greenland African Cemetery

Leacock Township


Leacock Presbyterian Cemetery (old)

Christ Episcopal Cemetery

Intercourse United Methodist Cemeter

Pequa Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Ridgeview Mennonite Cemetery

Lightner/Sharp/Scharp Graveyard

Eby/Rutter Graveyard

Weaver Amish Graveyard (AKA Gordonville Amish Graveyard

Horst/Hurst Graveyard

Bair Graveyard (former)

Basehoar/Rutter Graveyard

Eby (Isaac) Gravestone

Rutter Graveyard

Lititz Borough

Lititz Moravian Cemetery

St. James Cemetery

Evangelical Cemetery

Macpelah Cemetery

Little Britain Township

Eastland Friends Burial Ground

Manheim Borough

St. Pauls Reformed Graveyard (former)

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Evangelical Cemetery

Manheim Community Cemetery (former)

Herschy Graveyard

Manheim Township

Landis Valley Mennonite Cemetery

Lehn's Graveyard

Neffsville United Methodist Cemetery

Oregon Union Cemetery

Neffsville Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Neffsville Lutheran Cemetery (AKA St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery)

Lieb Graveyard (former)

Shirk/Kurtz Graveyard

Bassler Graveyard

Johnson Graveyard

Shaari Shomayim Cemetery

Schreiner Graveyard (former)

Graybill Graveyard

Mcelhenny/Stauffer Graveyard

Geip/Landis Graveyard

Kurtz/Sherk Graveyard

Buch Graveyard

Long/Landis/Miller/Butt Graveyard

Frantz Graveyard

Frick Graveyard

Hershey/Landis Graveyard

Mayer Graveyard

Graveyard (former)

Steman Graveyard

Shreiner Graveyard (former)

Rudisill Graveyard (former)

Manor Township

Masonville Mennonite Cemetery (AKA Bachman or Herr Mennonite Cem.)

Habecker Mennonite Cemetery

Washington Boro Cemetery

Millersville Reformed Mennonite Graveyard (AKA Manor Reformed)

Creswell Cemetery

Safe Harbor Methodist Cemetery

Miller Family Graveyard

Greenfield Cemetery (AKA Stehman's United Methodist)

Pittsburg Evangelical Cemetery

Green Mount Cemetery

Sheep Lane Cemetery

Manor Brethren in Christ Cemetery

Charles Family Graveyard

Shopf Graveyard

Binkley/Kauffman/Herr Graveyard

Wertz/Staman Graveyard

Kready Graveyard

Herr Graveyard

Bare Graveyard (former)

Ruml Graveyard

Klugh Graveyard (former - removed to Millersville Mennonite)

Mann/Grosh/Lutz Graveyard

Neff Graveyard (former)

Witmer/Stehman/Shertzer Graveyard

Hostetter/Miller/Neff Graveyard

Habecker Graveyard

Bender/Immel Graveyard

Shock Graveyard

Herr Graveyard

Witmer Graveyard (former - moved to Masonville Mennonite)

Siegrist Graveyard (former)

Sauder Graveyard

Dietrich Graveyard

Witmer/Kendig/Herr Graveyard

Frey Graveyard (former)

Eshleman Graveyard (former)

Hershey Graveyard (former)

Getz Graveyard (former)

Hershey Graveyard (former - moved to Millersville Mennonite)

Garber Graveyard (former)

Whitmer Graveyard (former)

Garrison Graveyard

Musser/Stehman Graveyard

Hostetter Graveyard (former)

Sauder Graveyard (former)

Shuman/Steiner Graveyard

Hershey/Neff Graveyard

Kauffman Graveyard

Central Manor Cemetery 

Shock Graveyard

Wright Graveyard

Herr Graveyard

Schopf/Vandereau Graveyard (former)

Frey Graveyard

Ressler Graveyard (former)

Zimmer Graveyard

Marietta Borough

Marietta Union Cemetery

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery

Wesley African Methodist Cemeter (AKA Upper African Cemetery)

Marietta Cemetery

Martic Township

Muddy Run Presbyterian Cemetery

Mount Nebo Methodist Cemetery

Marticville Methodist Cemetery

Bethesda Methodist Cemetery

Mount Nebo Cemetery (AKA Clark Family Graveyard)

Rawlinsville Methodist Cemetery

Rawlinsville Mennonite Cemetery

Flory Graveyard




Millersville Borough

Millersville Mennonite Cemetery (formerly in Lancaster Township)

Millersville Union Cemetery (AKA St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery)

Zion Reformed Cemetery

Grace Unite Methodist Cemetery (AKA Zions Evangelical)

Bethany Lutheran Cemetery (former)

Mt. Joy Borough

Crossroad Brethren in Christ Cemetery

Mt. Joy Township

Camp Hill Cemetery

Risser Mennonite Cemetery

Summer Site Graveyard (AKA Stern's Graveyard)

Milton Grove Cemetery (AKA Centerville)

Mt. Pleasant Brethren in Christ Cemetery

Oberholtzer Graveyard (former)

Reider/Rider Graveyard

Schneider Graveyard

Eshleman Graveyard

Elizabethtown Mennonite Cemetery (AKA Shaeffer Graveyard)

Lincoln Cemetery

Mount Joy Cemetery

Sherer/Eichelberger Graveyard

Lehman Graveyard

Meyer/Myer Graveyard

Lehman Graveyard

Kapp Graveyard

Lindemuth Graveyard (former)

Mountville Borough

Town Cemetery (AKA Mountville or Mt. Pleasant Public)

Mountville Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Mountville Cemetery

New Holland Borough

New Holland Reformed Cemetery & New Holland Mennonite Cemetery

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

New Holland United Brethren Cemetery

Paradise Township

Paradise Mennonite Cemetery

Paradise Presbyterian Cemetery (AKA Leacock Presbyterian)

All Saint's Episcopal Cemetery (AKA Lafayette Hill or Cedar Hill)

Kinzer's Mennonte Cemetery

Carpenter's Graveyard

Frantz/Hunsecker/Stauffer Graveyard (AKA Stauffer's)

Trout Graveyard

Shertz Graveyard

Bower Graveyard

Penn Township

Bomberger Graveyard

Penryn Union Cemetery

Erb Mennonite Cemetery

Reist Mennonite Cemetery (former - moved to Kauffman Mennonite)

Hope Episcopal Cemetery

Kreider Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Kauffman Mennonite Cemetery

Graybill Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Gibble Graveyard (AKA Old White Oak Cemetery

Lime Rock Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

White Oak Mennonite Cemetery

Hershey/Bomberger Graveyard

Harnley/Longnecker Graveyard

Manheim Fairview Cemetery

Moore/Miller Graveyard

Hoffer Graveyard Monument

Erb Graveyard (former)

Hershey/Landis Graveyard

Eby Graveyard

Gibble Graveyard

Zug Graveyard

Dohner Graveyard

Connell/Connelly Graveyard

Stauffer Graveyard

Lutz Graveyard

Zahm/Sahn Graveyard

Gingerich Graveyard

Batdorf Graveyard (former)

Pequa Township

Hans Hess Farm Cemetary

Rush Family Graveyard

Old Byerland Graveyard 

Byerland Mennonite Cemetery

New Danville Mennonite Cemetery

Boehm's United Methodist Cemetery

New Danville Reformed Mennonite Cemetery

Pequa Brethren in Christ Cemetery (AKA Hess's)

Harnish Graveyard

Haverstick Graveyard (former)

Providence Township

Reese Family Graveyard

Groff-Eshleman Graveyard

Bowman Graveyard

New Providence Church of God Cemetery

New Providence Mennonite  (A-J)

New Providence Mennonite (K-Z)

Bowman/Huber/Hoover Graveyard

Groff - Eshelman

Hart Cemetery (former)

Huber Cemetery

Kuhn Graveyard (former)

Lyns/Rees Graveyard

Stoneroad Groff Graveyard

Montgomery / Fisher, also called Brubaker Cemetery

Mt Carmel Cemetery (former)

Clearfield Methodist Cemetery part 1...........part2

Smithville Church of God Cemetery

Site of former Union African Methodist Cemetery also called Stewart Cemetery

Herr/Hammill Graveyard

Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery

Rapho Township

Casper Werner Cemetery

Chiques Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Eby Union Cemetery

Greiner Graveyard

Keener/Brandt/Gantz/Gish Cemetery

Shenk/Shank Cemetery

Shumaker Cemetery

Wenger Farm Cemetery

Werner/Eshleman Cemetery

Gantz Cemetery

Hernley Mennonite Cemetery

Erisman Mennonite Cemetery

Ruhl's United Methodist Cemetery

Newtown Cemetery

Mastersonville Brethren in Christ Cemetery

Pleasant View Cemetery (Garber Cemetery)

East Fairview Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Nissley Graveyard

Fretz/Felker/Dourty Graveyard

Brubaker Graveyard (former)

Witmer Graveyard (former-moved to Silver Spring Cemetery)

Gibble Graveyard

Istin Graves

Erisman/Frick Graveyard

Stauffer Graveyard

Longnecker Graveyard

Henry Shenk Graveyard (former - moved to Mt. Joy Cemetery)

Werner/Warner Graveyard

Burns/Sumny/Miller Graveyard

Metz/Hollinger Graveyard

Gibble Graveyard

Hernley Graveyard

Hossler Graveyard

Ginder Graveyard

Shearer Graveyard

Becker Graveyard

Givler Graveyard

Old Line Farm Graveyard

Schelly Graveyard

Ebersole Graveyard

Shelly/Schelly Graveyard

Barnes Graveyard (former)

Flory Graveyard (former - remaining stones moved to Milton Grove Cemetery)

Miller Graveyard

Kauffman's Cemetery

Brandt Graveyard

Rohrer Graveyard (former)

Strickler Graveyard (former)

Shenk/Garman Graveyard

Sadsbury Township

Bart Friends Burial Ground

Asbury Methodist Cemetery

Brinton Graveyard

Calvary Monument Cemetery

Mount Pleasant United Methodist Cemetery

Sadsbury Friends Burial Ground

Wasteland Methodist Cemetery

Salisbury Township

Pequa Presbyterian Cemetery

St. John's Episcopal Cemetery

Hershey Mennonite Cemetery

Hershey Old Mennonite Cemetery

Bellvue Presbyterian Cemetery

Cambridge Friends Burial Ground

Old Road Mennonite Cemetery (AKA Martin Family Graveyard & White Horse Mennonite)

Pequa Baptists Cemetery

Mt. Airy Evangelical Cemetery

St. Peter's Cemetery

Pequa Evangelical Cemetery

Millwood Mennonite Cemetery (old)

Millwood Mennonite Cemetery (new)

Limeville United Methodist Cemetery

Mt. Zion United Methodist Cemetery

Pequa Amish Mennonite Cemetery

Mine Road Amish Mennonite Cemetery

Blank Amish Graveyard

Buena Vista Amish Graveyard (AKA Lapp)

Gault/Galt Graveyard

Rupp/Roop/Rup Graveyard

Kurtz Graveyard

Blank Amish Graveyard

Hess Graveyard

Worst/Wanner Graveyard

Strasburg Borough

St. Michael's Lutheran Cemetery

Wesley Methodist Cemetery

Strasburg Presbyterian Cemetery

Strasburg United Brethren Cemetery (former)

Strasburg Cemetery

Strasburg Township

Eckman-Kunkle Graveyard

Strasburg Mennonite Cemetary

Old Dutch Lutheran and Reformed Cemetery (former)

Zion United Church of Christ Cemetery

Howry Graveyard

Lefevre Graveyard

Shultz Graveyard

Brackbill Neff Graveyard

Bunker Hill Amish Graveyard

Bassler Graveyard

Martin Graveyard

Terre Hill Borough

Terre Hill Evangelical Cemetery

Upper Leacock Township

Heller's Church Cemetery

Zion Lutheran Cemetery

Stumptown Mennonite Cemetery

Eby Graveyard

Kurtz/Zook/Baer Amish Graveyard

Sheibly Graveyard

Landis Graveyard (former - moved to Stumptown Mennonite)

Garber/Gerber Graveyard

Upper Mill Creek Amish Graveyard

Rohrer Graveyard (former - moved to Stumptown)

Bard Graveyard

Landis Graveyard

Johns Graveyard

Heller Graveyard

Groff/Hershey Graveyard

Myers Graveyard

Stauffer Graveyard (former - moved to Stumptown)

Warwick Township - Transcriptions
   available in
Grave Undertakings: Warwick Township

Brunnerville Graveyard (near Lititz)

Salem Lutheran Cemetery

Jerusalem Lutheran Cemetery

Millport Union Cemetery

Hess Mennonite Cemetery

Salem Methodist Cemetery (previously Evangelical)

Longnecker Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Brunnerville Methodist Cemetery

Rothsville United Zion Cemetery (AKA Grube Family Graveyard)

United Zion Home Cemetery

Hostetter Graveyard

Erb Graveyard (former)

Becker Graveyard

Erb Graveyard

Huber Graveyard

Pine Hill Graveyard

Weidler Graveyard (former)

Burkholder Graveyard (former)

Rudy Graveyard

Bomberger Graveyard

Huber/Shober Graveyard (former)

Hess Graveyard

Geyer/Hess/Landes/Berkenbine Graveyard (former)

Schober Graveyard

Grossman Graveyard (former - moved to Salem Lutheran)

West Cocalico Township

Blainsport Union Cemetery

Swamp Reformed Church Cemetery

Schoeneck Union Cemetery (AKA Steinmetz Union Cemetery)

Mellinger Union Cemetery

Flickinger Union Cemetery

Cocalico Cemetery (AKA Kurtz Graveyard)

Blainsport Mennonite Cemetery

Sherb/Oberlin Graveyard

Flickinger Graveyard

Eby/Sherk Graveyard

Landis/Herman Graveyard

Gensemer Graveyard

Weist Graveyard

Ruth Family Graveyard

Fairview Cemetery of Denver

Dornbach Graveyard

 West Donegal Township

Blasser Church Graveyard

Bossler Mennonite Cemetery

Good Mennonite Cemetery

Mount Ober Cemetery

Conoy Brethren Cemetery (AKA Heisey Cem)

Sweigart Graveyard (AKA Farver Graveyard)

Rutt Graveyard (former)

Hilsher Graveyard

Judy/Schudy/Tschudy Graveyard

Heise Graveyard

Pleasant Hill Graveyard

Landis/Gross Graveyard

Riehm/Ream Graveyard

Masonic Home Cemetery

Myers/Readlinger Graves (former)

Horst/Reidlinger Graveyard

Kobel Gravestone

Shenk Gravestones

West Earl Township

Stock/Withers Graveyard

Groffdale Mennonite Cemetery

Groffdale Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Carpenter's Union Cemetery

Metzler Mennonite Cemetery

Conestoga Old Order Mennonite Cemetery

Brownstown Evangelical Cemetery

Shirk Cemetery

Bareville Union Cemetery (AKA Brethren)

Greibel/Graybill/Grebill Graveyard

Rupp Graveyard

Wolfhart Graveyard

Forney Graveyard

Buch Graveyard (former)

West Hempfield Township

Silver Springs Cemetery

Ironville Methodist (formerly United Brethren)

Concordia Lutheran Cemetery

Kinderhook Cemetery

St. Annes Home for the Aged Cemetery

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Cemetery

Sherk Graveyard

Strickler Graveyard

Bruckart/Hougendobler Graveyard

Harnish/Kendig Graveyard

Moore Graveyard

Mouk Graveyard

Grider Graveyard

Musser Graveyard

Forrey Graveyard (former)

Musser Graveyard

West Lampeter Township

Willowstreet Mennonite Cemetary

Longnecker Reformed Mennonite Cemetery

Lampeter Reformed Mennonte Cemetery

Willow Street United Church of Christ Cemetery (AKA Mylin)

Kreider Graveyard

Herr Graveyard

Herr/Mayer Graveyard

Hershey/Cooper/Goodman Graveyard

Lefever (Christian) Graveyard

Tschantz (Hans) Graveyard (AKA Musser)

Herr/Kendig/Spahr Graveyard (former)

Harnish Graveyard (former)

Weaver/Weber Graveyard (former moved to Longnecker Reformed Mennonite)


AN INDEX TO SOME TOMBSTONES IN THE BRICKERVILLE CEMETERY, Brickerville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - edited by Gary T. Hawbaker (1982)

CEMETERY RECORDS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 1 - Dr. Shirley A. Harmon 2002 -142  Bart, Brecknock, Caernarvon, Clay, Colerain, Conestoga, Conoy, Drumore, Earl, East Cocalico, East Donegal, East Drumore and East Earl.

CEMETERY RECORDS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 2 - Dr. Shirley A. Harmon 2002,East Hempfield, East Lampeter, Eden, Elizabeth, Ephrata, Fulton.

CEMETERY RECORDS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 3 - Dr. Shirley A. Harmon 2002, Lancaster, Leacock, Little Britain, Manheim, Manor, Martic, Mount Joy and Paradise.

CEMETERY RECORDS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 4 - Dr. Shirley A. Harmon 2003, Penn, Pequea, Providence, Rapho, Sadsbury and Salisbury.

CEMETERY RECORDS OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 5 - Dr. Shirley A. Harmon 2003, Strasburg, Upper Leacock, Warwick, West Cocalico and West Donegal.

CEMETERIES OF LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, Volume 6 - Shirley A. Harmon 2003, West Earl, West Hempfield, and West Lampter.



GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS. Volume 1, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster County - Martha J. Xakellis 

GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS. Volume 2, Warwick Township - Martha J. Xakellis 

GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS. Volume 3: Clay Township (Old Warwick Township) - Martha J. Xakellis 

GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS, Volume 4, Penn Township (Old Warwick Township), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - Martha J. Xakellis 

GRAVE UNDERTAKINGS: Volume 5, Gravestone Inscriptions of Old Warwick Township in Lancaster County, Penn - Martha J. Xakellis