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Snow Enterprise, 6 December 1738

[[List 66 A] A List of Passengers on board ye Snow Enterprise, Lyonell Wood, Commander. [Qualified Dec. 6, 1738.] 

Jno Jacob Von der Werdt 
Vincent Beiler 
Jno Righter 
Jacob Hirtzell 
Conerat Do 
Jacob Saxer 
Jno George Weber 
Thos Lang 
Jacob Rotherwither 
Jacob Mansinger 
David Do 
Jno Do 
Frederick Erter, sick Felix Houser 
Jacob Hirtzell 
Geo. Nothart 
Frederick Recher 
Jno Do 
Jacob Restenholtz 
Hans Ruth 
Hans Burk 
Henry Do 
Martin Schudy 
Martin Griedy 
Conradt Welland 
Ralph Meyenhoffer 
Jno Jacob Frolick 
Casper Horner 
Jacob Do 
Casper Keller 
Jno Michl Muller 
Sworn Decemr 6th 1738, that the above is a true & Compleat list of Male Palatines, imported in the Snow Enterprise, above the age of 15 years, to the best of my knowledge. 
Lyonell Wood. 

[List 66 B] Palatines imported in the Snow Enterprise, Lyonell Wood, Comr, from London. Qualified Decemr 6th 1738. 

Hanns Jacob Von der Weyt 
Vincent (X) Piler 
Johannes Richter 
Jacob (X) Hirtell 
Conradt Hirtell 
Jacob (X) Hirtell, Junr 
Jacob (X) Saxer 
Jno Geo. (W) Weber 
Thomas Lang 
Jacob Slothweiler 
[Jacob] (X) Mansinger 
David (X) Mansinger 
Melcher Mantzinger 
Felix (X) Hauser 
Georg Nodhart 
Fritz Recher 
[Johann] (HR) Brecher 
Jacob Bestenholtz 
Hans (X) Ruth 
Hans Rudi Bürgi
Henry (X) Berger 
Mardin Tschudi 
Martin (X) Grider 
Rodolph (X) Mayerhousen 
Hans Jacob Fröli 
Casper (X) Horner 
Jacob (X) Horner 
Casper (X) Keller 
Hans Michel Müller 
Matheis Baumgartner 

[List 66 C] At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, Decemr 6th 1738. 
Present: Clement Plumsted, Samuel Hassell, xxx Esqrs. Ralph Asheton, 

The Palatines whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Snow Enterprise, Lyonell Wood, Mr, from London, did this Day take and Subscribe the Oaths to the Government, viz., 

Hans Jacob von der Weyt 
Vincent (X) Pieller 
Johannes Richter 
Jacob (X) Hertzel 
Conrad (X) Hertzel 
Jacob (X) Hertzel, Junr 
Jacob (O) Saxer 
John Georg (W) Weber 
Thomas Lang 
Jacob Slothweiler 
Jacob (X) Mansinger 
Davit (X) Mansinger 
Melcher Mantzinger 
Felix (O) Houser 
Jerg Nodhardt 
Fritz Recher 
Johann (H) Recher 
Jacob Bestenholz 
Hans (X) Ruth 
Hans Rudi Bürgi 
Henry (X) Burger 
Mardin Tschudi 
Martin (X) Greedy 
Rudolff (X) Meyerhoffe 
Hans Jacob Fröli 
Caspar (X) Horner 
Jacob (X) Horner 
Caspar (X) Keller 
Hans Michel Müller 
Matheis Baumgartner

Extracted from German Pioneers, Vol. I, 1727-1775