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May 6, 2002

This Week's tip:

Family Bibles are Precious Resources
 Available to Genealogists

Family Bibles are among the most precious resources available to genealogists today, and yet, among the most difficult to find. Experienced genealogists recognize the family Bible as a tender source of carefully kept records within the pages of a Bible. Beginners need to know that these records exist in many families and could be tucked away on a top bookshelf or even stored in a basement with other personal papers. In these books, parents kept record of births, deaths, marriages, baptisms, christenings, and notes of other significant personal events. The private nature of family Bibles makes them hard to come by. People are recognizing their value more and more as a source of genealogy information. Tim Conrad and Kraig Ruckel are the creators of a Web site called Pennsylvania Family Bibles at The page is "dedicated to providing family Bible and other information to other researchers." The page includes typed versions of extracts from family Bibles or links to such information by county and surname. Examine this site to see what kind of information is included in a family Bible and possibly discover new information about your Pennsylvania ancestors!

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