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A free mailing list for posting information found in family bibles in the possession of subscribers including family surnames, geographic locations of the families, and vital information on family members. You can also
search the archives for your surnames.

Brown Family Bible, 1832-1873

John Kennedy Diem Bible, 1842-1915

Dorsey-Shank bible, 1854 - : Drumore Twp

Henry F. And Christianna Landis Family Bible

Pennsylvania LeFevre Family Bible

Robison-Snook Bible - Lancaster & Kansas

Swope Family Bible

Stewart Family Bible

Weber Family Bible, c. 1799: Cocalico Twp

Amos Groff Bible

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Ford Nagle - Family Bibles - They also have a collection of antique photos and miscellaneous family documents

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Landis Valley Museum

Lancaster County Historical Society

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society