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Marriage Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

Marriages at Little Britain Friends Monthly Meeting

Weddings at Bart Friends Meeting between 1825 - 1850

Mt. Hope Methodist, Drumore Twp


Baptismal Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever

List of Individuals Baptised by Elder Michael Frantz 1739-1747 - Conestoga Congregation

List of Individuals Baptised by Elder Michael Frantz 1748-1769 - Conestoga Congregation

Mt. Hope Methodist, Drumore

Other Records

Abstracts Annual of the Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church April 1, 1878 - April 1, 1879

List of the members of the White Oak Congregation - 1770

Reformed Church of Maytown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1765-1819

Swamp Reformed (Little Cocalico) Church, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1788-1822

Register of marriages and baptisms kept by the Rev. Traugott Frederick Illing : in connection with the churches of St. Peter's (Lutheran), Middletown, and Caernarvon (Episcopal), Lancaster County, Penn'a.

Pennsylvania Church Records - Adams, Berks, and Lancaster Counties, 1729-1881

Ely Early Lancaster Church Records

Published Sources

Books available through the Lancaster County Historical Society Bookstore:

Churches and Cemeteries of Lancaster County, PA - by A. Hunter Rineer, Jr. - Lists Lancaster County by township, giving current and prior names, location of church and pastorial records. Cemetery listings show all known names for the location of inscriptions and listings. Freatures 68 newly drawn maps. 1993 (hardcover) Indexed
Regularly $30.00, Special Price $10.00

Baptismal and Marriage Records, Rev. John Waldschmidt, Cocalico, Moden Krick, Weisseichen Land and Seltenreich, Gemeinde. Lancaster County, PA - Translated by Luther R. Kelker - Reprinted directly from the PA State Archives
2001, Index. 174pp


18TH Century Church Records of Lancaster County  

by F. Edward Wright, 1994 (softcover). Indexed.

Volume 1   Includes Blaser's Reformed, Cocalico Reformed, Manheim, Maytown, Muddy Creek, Pequea, ReiherÕs Seltenreich, Swamp Reformed, White Oaks, Elizabethtown Lutheran and Bergstrasse Lutheran.

Volume 2   Includes First Reformed Church, baptisms, marriages and deaths.

Volume 3    Includes Sadsbury Monthly Meeting, St. James Episcopal, St. Mary's Catholic, also records of Rev. Cuthbertson and Casper Stoever and lists of names for Donegal Presbyterian.  

Volume 4   Includes records from Warwick Moravian, Lititz Moravian and Donegal/Mount Joy Moravian churches.  

Volume 5   Includes records from Lancaster Moravian, Strasburg Lutheran, Lutheran Congregation of the New White Oaks Church, Cocalico/Conestoga German Baptist, White Oak German Baptist (Warwick Twp.), East Conewago German Baptist, Ephrata Seventh-Day German Baptist, Middletown Lutheran and Vicinity(Lanc., Dauphin and York Counties), Alleghany Lutheran (Berks Cty.), Muddy Creek Moravian.

Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church and Cemeteries, Drumore Township, Lancaster County, PA - By Robert J. Patton, Jr. 2004 (Softcover) - $18.00        


Pennsylvania Births: Lancaster County, 1723-1777 - by John T. Humphrey, 1997 (hardcover).   In the series that is designed to facilitate access to early records from mostly unpublished church and meeting registers. Included are: name of child, date of birth or baptism, parents and the source of information. This book contains over 12,800 recorded births from 31 churches and meeting records.


Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Births: 1778-1800

by John T. Humphrey, 1997 (hardcover).   Just published in the series. This book is a continuation of the previous volume. Includes over 12,500 recorded births found in 31 church and meeting records, including Friends, Episcopal, Lutheran, Reformed, Roman Catholic and Moravian, etc. - $29.00        


Personal Marriage Records of Reverend J.J. Strine, 1815-1870  - Translated and Edited By Frederick S. Weiser and Debra D. Smith   Rev. Strine Parrish covered quite a distance in the days of slow transportation.   Congregations he served were: Elizabethtown (Christ), Maytown (St. JohnÕs), Strasburg (St. MichaelÕs), Conestoga, Columbia (Salem), Leacock (Zion), Marietta, Rohrerstown  (Salem), Landisville (Mountville), Mount Pleasant, Concordia, Manor Schoolhouse. - $25.00   


Salem Church of Kissel Hill, Warwick Township, Lancaster County, PA  collected and compiled by Eva M. Myers and edited by Martha J. Xakellis, 2001 (softcover) Lutheran records for this church including baptisms, burials, marriages and congregation members. The dates of these records range from 1824 to 1975. - $20.00


Trinity Lutheran Church Records

translated and edited by Debra D. Smith and Frederick S. Weiser. (Hardcover). 

Volume 1 (1988)   Includes records for 1730-1767. Included are baptism, marriage, communion and confirmation records and relevant Moravian records. -

Volume 2 (1995)   Includes records for 1768-1782. Included are baptism, marriage, communion and confirmation records as well as relevant information on pew rents. 578 pages.

Volume 3 (1998)   Includes records from 1782-1796. Records are entered entirely by Pastor Henry Melchior Muhlenberg who performed baptisms, marriages, and burials throughout Lancaster County.

Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania   1896, reprinted 1998. - Record of John C. Stover, one of the first clergymen to serve early Pennsylvania German settlers, 1730-1779. Baptisms give location, name of child and parents (usually the father), dates of birth and baptisms, names of sponsors. Marriage records give names of bride and groom, date of marriage and town or county of residence. - $15.00

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