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Families of Lancaster County

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Family sites pertaining to Lancaster County:

Jay Weaver's Genealogy - Wonderful site with many Lancaster surnames and sources noted.

Family Hart Pennsylvania Dutch Database - Over 230,000 names online

Pennsylvania Dutch History, Genealogy and Culture

The Wolf  Family - An American Journey

Miller Family of Lancaster Pennsylvania

Joyce Jacobs Gordon Genealogy - Buch, Bullock, Christ, Eichelberger, Fasnacht, Gable, Jacobs, Rodman

Mewgie's Genealogy Website - McPherson, Duncan, Wilson, Carter, others

Welcome to My Family Page - Christ Mohler Mohn Pfautz Martin Keller Sensenig Oberholtzer

My Romig Family


SHARP ROOTS: The Peter Sharp Family of Pennsylvania -

How I Got To Be Who I Am


Descendents of Johannes Phillip Liebrich - Leebrick/Liebrich families in America

Martin and Anna Margareta Kroner Brandt - The Brandt Family of Cumberland, Lancaster, Dauphin Counties, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Families of Lancaster and York Counties - Bender

Martin Genealogy Project

Hans and Hannah Wenger Genealogy Project

The Pennsylvania Lefevres

Erb/Larkins Genealogy

Sowder/Souder Collection

Eby Family Home Page

Shellenberger Family History - Home to Schallenberger, Shollenberger, and Sollenberger

The Neff Family History

Descendents of Johann Valentin Stober

The Mohler Family Tree

Descendants of Bishop John (Hans) Lehman & Anna Hege

Senisineys of America

Early Residents of Lancaster City

Acheson, T. B., & Family
Adair Family
Adams, Frederick
Agnew, David Hayes
Ainsworth, Samuel
Albright, Frederick A. & Mrs. Sarah Albright
Albright, Jacob
Albright, Jacob, Rev.
Albright, Walter F.
Alexander, Samuel
Ambler, Joseph P.
Ament, Eli & Family
Ament, Henry H.
Ammon, Alonzo
Ammon, Peter G.
Ammon, Samuel & Mrs. Elizabeth Ammon.
Amweg, John Michael
Anderson, James
Anderson, John Wesley
Andrews, Hugh
Ankrim, J. Martin
Appel, Theodore B., M. D.
Appel, Theodore, Rev. Dr.
Armor, Smith, M.D.
Armstrong, Andrew
Armstrong, Arthur
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Thomas
Armstrong, William C.
Arnold, Gideon W. & Mrs. Gideon W. Arnold
Arnold, I. Clinton
Ash, Phineas
Atlee, John L., M.D.
Atlee, John Light, M. D.
Atlee, Samuel J.
Atlee, William A.
Atlee, William Augustus
Atlee, William Augustus
Aument, Aldus
Aument, H. H.
Ayle, J.F.
Ayres, John
Bachman Families
Bachman, Abraham & John W. Bachman
Bachman, Christian
Bachman, Jacob
Bachman, John Baird
Bachman, Samuel & Miss Harriet & Miss Rebecca Bachman
Baer, Christian Rein
Baer, John
Baer, Martin H.
Baer, Reuben A.
Bailey, Francis
Bailey, Francis
Bailey, Robert
Baily, Elisha W., M.D.
Bair, George W.
Bair, Henry R.
Bair, Howard Miles
Bair, Jacob A.
Bair, John B.
Bair, John Johns
Baker, Amos
Baker, Andrew O.
Baker, George F. ; Miss Louise Baker & Families
Baker, John
Baker, John C., Rev.
Baker, Joseph W.
Baker, Thomas & Family
Baldwin, J. C.
Baldwin, Robert
Balmer, Daniel
Balmer, Israel Putnam
Balmer, John F.
Barber, Robert
Bard, George
Bard, Ulysses G.
Bare, Adam
Bare, Emma
Bare, Milton L.
Bare, Wayne
Barefoot, William M.
Barnett, John
Barnett, Joseph
Barr, Benjamin M.
Barr, Martin
Barr, Martin
Barton, Benjamin Smith
Barton, Matthias
Barton, William
Bassler, Christian George (formerly Bossler)
Batdorf Family
Batten, Hiram L.
Bauer, Eugene
Baughman, Hervey
Bauman, Benjamin
Baumgardner, Henry Kurtz & Family
Baumgardner, John Hoff
Bausman, Jacob
Bausman, John
Bausman, John Watts Baer
Bausman, William
Baxter, James
Bear, Albert R.
Bear, Daniel
Bear, Elias
Bear, William G.
Beard, Samuel J.
Beates, Frederick A.
Beck, Peter R.
Becker, John Franklin
Becker, Levi
Becker, Michael
Beckler, Henry B.
Beiler, Joseph H.
Bender, Franklin
Bender, W. K.
Bender, William K.
Bender, William Kinzer
Benkert, George
Bennett, Harry A.
Bentz, Christian
Bergman, Andrew
Besore, David F.
Best, John & John B. Best
Bicknell, Walter F.
Binnesderfer, S. L.
Bitner, John R. and Abraham Bitner
Bitzer, Martin R.
Bitzer, R. R.
Bixler Family
Bizaillon, Pierre
Boardman, Arthur
Bomberger, Jacob H.
Bomberger, John
Book, Daniel & Family
Book, John G.
Bowman Family
Bowman, Amos
Bowman, Franklin and Family
Bowman, Isaac M.
Bowman, John M.
Bowman, Joseph
Bowman, Samuel
Bowman, Samuel, Rev.
Boyd, C. G., Hon.
Boyd, Henry C.
Boyd, S. W. P.
Boyer, Joseph
Brackbill Families (6)
Brackbill Family
Brackbill, Levi H.
Brady, John
Brandt, Daniel
Brandt, David
Brandt, David H.
Brandt, Frederick H.
Brandt, John & Mrs. Margaret Brandt
Brandt, Samuel L.
Breckbill, Benjamin
Breckbill, John
Breckbill, Ulrich
Breneman Family, Adam, John, Joseph & Benjamin
Breneman, Christian
Breneman, Elmer M.
Breneman, George L.
Breneman, Henry F., (DR.)
Breneman, Henry M.
Breneman, Henry Neff, Capt.
Breneman, Henry P.
Breneman, Henry Reigart
Breneman, Jacob K.
Breneman, John Lincoln
Breneman, Joseph K.
Breneman, Major Benjamin Franklin
Brenneman, Franklin
Brenneman, John L.
Brinton, Charles C.
Brinton, Joshua
Brinton, Lewis
Brinton, William Penn
Brisbin, Wm.
Brobst, James C., M. D.
Brosius, Jesse
Brosius, Marriott, Hon.
Brosius, William Henry, Hon.
Brown Family
Brown, Alfred M.
Brown, Alvin
Brown, Davis A.
Brown, Frank & Family
Brown, George
Brown, Hiram F.
Brown, Jeremiah, Jr.
Brown, Jeremiah, Sr.
Brown, Josiah
Brown, Slater F.
Brown, William
Brubaker Family
Brubaker Family
Brubaker, Frank S.
Brubaker, Henry S.
Brubaker, John
Brubaker, John D.
Brubaker, Joseph E
Brubaker, Martin Nissley
Brubaker, Nathaniel K.
Brubaker, Oliver B.
Brubaker, Peter
Brubaker, Philip
Brubaker, Roland S.
Brubaker, Samuel
Bruch, Lewis
Bruner, Alfred Cookman & Family
Bruner, Jacob Musser
Bruner, Owen F.
Bryson, L. M., M. D.
Buch, J. Frank
Buch, Mary A. (Bard)
Buchanan, James
Bucher, Frederick & Frederic C. Bucher, MD.
Buckius, Charles
Buehrle, Robert Koch
Buger, S. Clement, Rev.
Bunn, William H.
Bunting, Walter S.
Burford, Amos
Burger, Chris (Prof.)
Burger, Henry
Burger, John A.
Burrowes, Thomas Henry
Burt, Arthur
Bush, Philip S.
Bushong, S. E.
Buyers, John
Byers, Benjamin F., & Family
Byers, Jacob J and John Byers
Cairnes, William G. (Rev.)
Caldwell, (Rev.) David, D.D.
Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, Andrew
Caldwell, James
Caldwell, James A.
Cameron, Simon
Cameron, Simon B.
Carmany, Jacob S.
Carpenter, Abraham
Carpenter, Charles
Carpenter, Christian
Carpenter, Dr. Henry
Carpenter, Dr. John
Carpenter, Edward
Carpenter, Emanuel
Carpenter, Emanuel, Jr.
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Henry
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, Jacob
Carpenter, Joel
Carpenter, Samuel L. & Family
Carrigan, Enos
Cassel, Jacob & Abraham H. Cassel
Cassell, H. Burd, Hon.
Causse, John Baptiste
Champneys, Benjamin, Judge
Charles Family
Charles, Andrew
Charles, Christian F.
Charles, Jacob
Charles, John A.
Charles, John F.
Charles, Joseph & John F. Charles (1857)
Charles, Levi F.
Charles, Willis B.
Chartier, Martin
Chartiere, Martin
Chartiere, Martin
Clair, Stephen S.
Clare, John
Clark, Brice
Clark, Franklin
Clark, John
Clark, Robert
Clark, Thomas
Coble, Christian H. & Mrs. Anna A. Coble
Cochran, Thomas Baumgardner
Collins, Cornelius
Collins, James
Collins, James P.
Collins, Orestes
Collins, Orestes, Judge
Collins, Thomas C.
Conner, Henry
Conrad, John
Cooney, J. M.
Cooper, Calvin
Cooper, Israel
Cornelius, William
Cornish, Andrew
Cowden, James
Cowden, James B.
Cox, Walter John
Craig, Alexander, M.D.
Craig, John
Craig, Robert
Crane. Robert, (Col.)
Crawford Family
Crumbaugh, John S. (Rev.)
Cully, Thomas
Cunningham, James
Dague, William
Dambach, David H.
Dambach, Henry H.
Davis, Edward
Davis, Eli W.
Davis, Hill F.
Davis, Jenkins
Davis, Reese H. & Family
Davis, S. T., M. D.
Deen, David Lewis
Deering, Henry
DeHaven, Mrs. Clara Eckert
Delp, George M.
Denlinger, Abraham R.
Denlinger, Benjamin K.
Denlinger, Daniel & Mrs. Margaret Denlinger
Denlinger, Jacob & John B. Denlinger
Denlinger, Jacob B.
Denlinger, Simon
Denney, John Q.
Derrick, Richard J.
Detwiler, William B.
Detz, Joseph
Deutsch, Kaufman
Dickey, James Scott
Dickinson, Joseph C.
Diehl, Ephraim C., Atty.
Diem, John H.
Diem, John K.
Dierolf, William
Dietrich, Philip; Samuel Dietrich & Family
Diffenbach, John Rohrer
Diffenbaugh, Aaron Hess
Diffenderffer, Frank Ried
Diller, Adam
Diller, Edwin C.
Diller, Elias
Diller, Isaac & Mrs. A. M. & Family
Diller, Isaac (from Leacock)
Diller, Lewis & Grabill Diller
Diller, Roland
Diller, Solomon
Dinks, Henry
Divet, Marion
Dock, William
Dodge, Byron Griswold
Donoghue, Dennis
Dorwart, Martin
Doster, Daniel
Douglas Family,
Douglass, John
Doutrich, Byram
Downing, William
Drennen, James K.
Duble, Jacob S.
Duchman, Jacob
Duchman, William
Duffy, James, Col.
Duffy, James., Col.
Dunkle, George
Dunlap, Andrew John & Family
Dunlap, John M.
Duppel, Johan, Dr.
Durnbaugh, Jacob
Dutt, Christian
Dysart, James
Eaby, George W.
Eaby, Jacob M.
Eaby, Jason K.
Easton, William, Rev.
Eberle, John, M. D.
Eberly, Adam John
Eberly, Samuel
Eberman, Jacob
Eberman, John
Eberman, John
Eberman, Peter G.
Ebersold, Martin N.
Ebersole, Samuel E.
Eby, Amaziah B.
Eby, Christian
Eby, Elias
Eby, Emanuel W.
Eby, Henry N., & Amos F. Eby & Families
Eby, Isaac, Bishop
Eby, John N.
Eby, Milton, (Hon.)
Eby, Samuel
Eby, Sim
Eby, Simon Peter
Eckert, Otomer S.
Eckman, B. D.
Eckman, John
Eckman, John
Eckman, Miller
Edgerley, Edward
Edie, John
Edwards, Thos.
Edwards, Willilam H.
Efinger, Adolph
Ehler, John
Ehrenfried, Joseph
Eichholtz, Henry
Eichholtz, Leonard
Elder Family
Elliott, Samuel
Ellmaker, Amos
Ellmaker, Leonard
Ellmaker, Levi
Ellmaker, Nathaniel
Emerson, John
Engle Family
Engle, Abraham W.
Engle, Daniel G.
Engle, Henry M.
Engle, Henry M., Hon.
Engle, Levi L.
Engle, Simon H.
Epler, Christian M.
Epler, John H.
Epler, Parres Scott
Erb, A. Lincoln
Erb, Benjamin H.
Erb, Henry R.
Erb, Hiram L. & Family
Erb, Israel G.
Erb, Jacob
Erisman, Christian
Erisman, Clement Smeltz
Erisman, John
Esbenshade, Christian B.
Esbenshade, Peter B.
Eshbach, John B.
Eshelman, David B.
Eshelman, Henry S.
Eshleman Family
Eshleman, Albert Hiller
Eshleman, Benjamin K.
Eshleman, Christian & Family
Eshleman, David F.
Eshleman, David G. & George R. Eshleman
Eshleman, David M. & Family
Eshleman, David M. (Rev.) 
Eshleman, David, Sr.
Eshleman, H. Frank & David B. Eshleman
Eshleman, Jacob
Eshleman, John B.
Eshleman, Samuel
Eshleman, Samuel S.
Eshleman, Walter H. & Family
Evans, Franklin J.
Evans, Samuel
Evans, Samuel, Capt.
Ewing, A. Scott
Ewing, Thomas
Ewing, Thomas
Eyer, David M.
Fagan, John
Fahnestock, William M.
Farmer, Clayton R.
Fasnacht, Joel
Fausnacht, Samuel S.
Fawkes, Joseph Walker
Ferguson, Christian C.
Ferguson, John G.
Ferguson, John W.
Ferree, Isaac
Ferree, James B.
Ferree, Joseph
Fieles, Martin M.
Fink, William D., M.D.
Fisher, Daniel S.
Fisher, Henry & Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher
Fisher, Philip
Fisher, Sheridan D.
Fitler, James W.
Flowers, Addison S.
Foltz, Jonathan Messersmith
Fondersmith, Charles Allen
Fondersmith, John
Ford, George
Fordney, Thomas Potter
Foreman, Jacob
Foreman, Peter
Forney, Abraham R.
Forney, John W.
Forney, John W.
Forney, Levi R.
Forrest, George, Hon.
Forrey, Daniel N.
Forrey, Isaac N.
Forrey, Jacob C.
Forrey, John and Amos N. Forrey
Forrey, John C
Forry, Daniel D.
Fox, Henry
Frailey, William O.
France, Ike
Franklin, Emlen
Franklin, Family
Franklin, Walter
Frantz, Henry Leaman
Freitchie, Barbara
Frew, George W. H. M.D. & William C. Frew
Frey, Henry D.
Frey, Jacob F.
Fridy, Sam Matt.
Fritchey, John G. (Rev.)
Fritchey, Joseph U.
Fritz, Ezra B.
Froelich, John M.
Fry, Charles Livingston, Rev.
Fry, Emanuel G.
Fry, Jacob M.
Frybarger, Sylvester
Fuhrman, William
Fulton, Hugh Ramsey, Esq.
Fulton, Robert
Funk, Amos G.
Funk, Henry K.
Funk, Isaac S.
Funk, John H.
Furniss, John M. & Family
Futer, Amos
Gable, Michael F.
Gable, William K.
Galbraith, Andrew
Galbraith, Andrew, Esq.
Galbraith, Bartram
Galbreath, James
Gallagher, Albert L.
Gantner, John
Gantz, John
Gara, Hugh Stanley
Garber, Amos E.
Garber, Christian
Garber, John S.
Garber, Simon E.
Gardiner, Frederic, Rev.
Gardner, Valentine
Gast, Frederick A., D.D.
Gatchell, J. C.
Geiger, Christopher
Geiger, Willilam C. & Christopher Geiger
Geist, Henry
Geist, Isaac Slater
Geist, John
Geist, Philip
Gemperling, Henry Clay
Gensemer, Daniel
Gensemer, Samuel G.
Gerber, John
Gerhard, Darius William, Rev.
Gerhard, Milton Ursinus, M. D.
Gerhart, Emanuel Vogel, Rev.
Gerhart, Henry
Gerhart, John
Getz, Noah L. & Family
Getz, Peter
Geyer, George Stambaugh
Gibbons, Abraham
Gibbons, Joseph, M. D.
Gibson, George
Gibson, Samuel
Gilbert, Edwin M.
Gilchrist, John
Gillespie, George W., M.D.
Gingrich, Alfred B.
Gingrich, Jonas Stauffer
Gingrich, Milton Eby
Girfin, Frank G.
Girvin, Robert
Gish, Amos R.
Gish, Henry B.
Gish, Henry J.
Gish, Jacob
Gish, Jacob R.
Gish, Peter R.
Given, Frank Scott
Given, William B.
Glatfelter, Harris A.
Gleim, William
Gochenour Family
Gochnauer, Andrew H.
Gochnauer, John M.
Gochnauer, Joseph H.
Gochnauer, Samuel
Good Family
Good, Amos G.
Good, Anthony
Good, Daniel
Good, Ezra M.
Good, Henry
Good, J. Martin
Good, Jacob H.
Good, John B.
Good, John E.
Good, John J.
Good, Martin H.
Good, Martin R.
Good, Michael R.
Goos, Henry
Gorgas, Jacob
Gorrecht, William Peter
Goss, Christian E.
Gotschalk, Abraham
Grab, Frederick Valentine
Graeff, David & John H.
Graham, Dana
Graver, Henry M.
Graybill Family
Graybill, David W. (Hon.)
Graybill, David Witmer
Graybill, Herman W. & Family
Graybill, Jacob N., Rev.
Graybill, Samuel G.
Greenleaf, F. M.
Greer, John Adam
Greider, Martin
Grey, Henry
Griel, Jacob Frederick
Grier, William Hayes
Griest, Ellwood, Major
Griffith Family
Grilbortzer, Gottleib & Esther A. Grilbortzer
Grimler, Henry
Grissinger, Jacob R.
Groff Family
Groff, Abraham S.
Groff, Adam
Groff, Adam R.
Groff, Aldus
Groff, Charles Wister (1898 - 1987)
Groff, Christian
Groff, David
Groff, David E.
Groff, Elias, Rev.
Groff, Frank R.
Groff, Henry L.
Groff, Isaac
Groff, J. N., Rev.
Groff, John
Groff, John (1819 - 1885)
Groff, John L.
Groff, John M. (East Drumore)
Groff, John M. (Lancaster)
Groff, John M. (Strasburg)
Groff, Richard B.
Groff, Sebastian,
Groff, Silas E.
Groff, Ulysees Grant (1865 - 1950)
Groh, C. L.
Grosh, Samuel
Grosh, Samuel E. & Family
Gross, Levi S & Family
Grubb Family
Grube, David K.
Grube, Martin H.
Gruber, John C.
Gruel, Jacob W.
Habecker, Joseph H.
Habecker, Joseph K.
Hackenberger, George W.
Hacker, Levi S.
Hackman Family
Haefner, Joseph
Hager Family
Hager, Christopher
Haines, Henry B.
Haldeman, Samuel Stehman
Haldy, William Yeager & Lewis Haldy
Hall, Edward Cornelius
Hall, Joseph A.
Hall, Newton Franklin
Hamaker, Daniel
Hambleton, Thomas Benton
Hambright, Albert Brown
Hambright, George & Mrs. Fanny Hambright
Hambright, George Martin
Hamilton, William
Hamilton, William
Hanck, George
Hanck, Michael S.
Hand, Edward
Harman, Daniel
Harner, Henry Charles
Harner, Jesse
Harner, John S.
Harner, Samuel
Harnish, Abraham B.
Harnish, Daniel F.
Harnish, David F.
Harnish, H. H.
Harper, Joseph Dickinson
Harple, Franklin G.
Harris, Alexander
Harry, Willis G.
Hart, Stephen J.
Hartman, David
Hartman, David K.
Hartman, George H.
Hartman, John Ives
Hartman, John K.
Hartman, Joseph
Hartman, Lewis S., & Mrs. Mary A. Hartman
Hartman, Samuel
Hassler, Aaron Bilyeau
Hastings, John
Hastings, Joseph D.
Hastings, William Smith
Hatz, Samuel, John & Mrs. Harriet Hatz
Haugendobler, Nichlous
Haverstick, Abraham B.
Haverstick, David Charles & Family
Haverstick, George
Haverstick, Jacob
Haverstick, John M.
Haverstick, Levi and Family
Hawthorne, Geo. C.
Hawthorne, Samuel
Hays, Charles
Hays, John Luther
Heckler, Franklin J.
Heidelbaugh, Milton, Hon.
Heidlebach, Jacob H.
Heim, George
Heim, George, Jr.
Heine, Paul
Heinitsh, Charles Augustus
Heinitsh, John Frederick
Heinitsh, Sigmund William
Heinitsh, Walter Augustus
Heintzelman, Samuel Peter
Heintzelman, Samuel Peter, General
Heisey, Edward L.
Heisey, Jacob W.
Heisey, Joseph K. & John W. Heisey
Heisey, W. Scott
Heitler, Richard R.
Heitshu, William Augustus
Helm, D. E.
Helm, Daniel
Helm, Frank W.
Helman, Henry
Hendel, Daniel Jacob
Hendel, John
Henderson, Archibald Lightner & Margaret Henderson
Henderson, Jacob Murry
Henderson, James B.
Henderson, Jas.
Henderson, Samuel Jacob, Maj
Henderson, William Coleman, Col.
Hennecke, William Frederick & Mrs. Sarah J. Hennecke
Henninger, N. C.
Henry, John Joseph
Hensel, N. N.
Hensel, William Uhler, (Hon.)
Herman, Adam T.
Herr Family
Herr, Abraham B.
Herr, Abraham B., Rev.
Herr, Abraham H.
Herr, Ambrose J., M.D.
Herr, Amos H.
Herr, Amos K.
Herr, Andrew
Herr, Benjamin
Herr, Benjamin B.
Herr, Benjamin G.
Herr, Christian
Herr, Christian
Herr, Christian S. B.
Herr, Cyrus Stehman
Herr, D. Jefferson
Herr, Daniel
Herr, Daniel (Pequea); Reuben D. Herr and Family
Herr, Daniel D.
Herr, Daniel H., Col.
Herr, David E.
Herr, Elias
Herr, Elias H.
Herr, Francis L.
Herr, George K.
Herr, Henry Miller
Herr, Isaac R.
Herr, J. Haldeman
Herr, Jacob K.
Herr, Jeremiah
Herr, John B.
Herr, John L.
Herr, Rudolph S.
Herr, Silas Stoner
Herron (Heron, Herrin),John
Hersh, E. H.
Hershey Family
Hershey, Andrew H.
Hershey, Benjamin Franklin
Hershey, Daniel McKillips
Hershey, Elias H.
Hershey, Ephraim H.
Hershey, Henry
Hershey, Henry S.
Hershey, Jacob D., M. D.
Hershey, Jacob G.
Hershey, Jacob Hershey
Hershey, Jacob R.
Hershey, Jacob R. (Rev.); Jacob E. Hershey; Ephraim Hershey & Family
Hershey, Jacob R., Rev.
Hershey, Jacob S.
Hershey, John F.
Hershey, Josiah
Hershey, Landis
Hershey, Peter E.
Hershour, Abraham
Hertgen, Joseph E.
Hertzler & Yoder families
Hertzler, John
Hess, Christian H.
Hess, Daniel D.
Hess, David H.
Hess, Henry L.
Hess, Isaiah F.
Hess, John (of Salisbury TWP.) & Mrs. Harriet A. Hess
Hess, John Witmer, M. D.
Hess, Jonas H. (Rev.)
Hess, Willliam G., M.D.
Hewes, James C.
Hewes, Polly
Hibshman, George
Hibshman, Henry
Hicks, George Washington
Hiestand, Family
Hiestand, John A.
Hiestand, John M.
Hiestand, Simon H.
Hiester, Isaac E.
Higbee, Elnathan Elisha
High, George J.
High, Samuel S.
Hildebrand, Isaac H.
Hildebrand, Isaac N.
Hildebrand, Jacob
Hiller, Casper
Himes, Clinton
Himes, Rees Clemens & Miss Anna C. Himes
Hinkle, Charles H., & Family
Hinkle, Joseph & Mrs. Anna Hinkle
Hippey, George
Hipple, Frederick
Hirsh, Abraham
Hoak, Mrs. Caroline
Hoar, William Connard
Hoff, John
Hoffer Family
Hoffer, Tobias
Hoffman, Amos H.
Hoffman, Benjamin
Hoffman, Benjamin F.
Hoffman, Christ S.
Hoffman, Clayton R.
Hoffman, Henry
Hoffman, Henry B.
Hoffman, Isaac W.
Hoffman, Michael M.
Hoffman, Michael R.
Hoffman, Michael R.
Hoffman, Norman R.
Hoffman, Peter S.
Hoffman, Valentine
Hogg, William H. (Squire) & Family
Hohein, Oscar & Elizabeth
Hoke, Joseph
Hoke, Joseph A.
Holl, John; Catharine Diemer
Holl, Peter
Hollinger, Amos
Hollinger, Isaac
Holman, John W.
Homsher, Franklin
Homsher, John & Family
Homsher, John G.
Hood, Joseph
Hook, John A.
Hookey, Benjamin F.
Hopkins, George Washington
Hopkins, James
Hopkins, John
Hopkins, W. W.
Hopkins, William & Family
Horning, John
Horst Family
Horst, Abraham, Rev.
Horst, David S.
Horst, John C. S.
Hoster, Charles Jacob
Hostetter, Abraham F.
Hostetter, Emanuel F. and John Hostetter
Hostetter, Henry
Hostetter, Henry F.
Hougendobler, Amos R.
Hougendobler, John Jacob
Housekeeper, W.
Houser, Henry M.
Houser, John E.
Houston, Joseph W., M.D.
Houston, Robert John
Houston, Samuel
Howard, Mrs. Barbara
Howell, Charles Miller
Hower, J. W.
Howett, H. G.
Huber Family
Huber, Aaron
Huber, Abraham B.
Huber, Amos
Huber, Christian
Huber, Christian B.
Huber, David B.
Huber, David H.
Huber, H. C.
Huber, Henry
Huber, J. Milton & Family
Huber, Jacob
Huber, John
Huber, Jonas
Huber, Levi B.
Huber, Samuel M.
Hubley, Adam
Huffman, Reuben St. John
Hufman, David, Rev.
Hull, George Washington
Humble, William Freeland
Humes, Dr. Samuel
Humes, James
Hunter, James
Hurber, Martin
Hurford, Lewis
Hurst, Matthias S.
Hurst, Michael W. , M.D.
Irwin, John Elsworth
Irwin, Lewis W.
Irwin, Plank
Irwin, Samuel
Irwin, Thaddeus S., M.D.
Jacks, James
Jackson, Andrew
Jackson, David Westfield
Jackson, John K.
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Leavin H.
Jackson, Newton
Jacobs, Thomas B.
Jacoby, Peter; Reuben E. Jacoby & Harry S. Jacoby
Jamison, J. A.
Jenks, James Mitchell
Johns, John
Johnson, Ellis B.
Johnson, John
Johnson, John E.
Jones, Stephen
Kauffman, Amos G.
Kauffman, Andrew I.
Kauffman, Benjamin
Kauffman, Benjamin B.
Kauffman, C. S.
Kauffman, Christian C., Hon.
Kauffman, Christian H.
Kauffman, Isaac H. & Mrs. Fanny H.
Kauffman, John H.
Kauffman, Maria B.
Kauffman, Michael M.
Kauffman, Reuben G.
Kauffman, Samuel L.
Kaul, Anthony F. (Very Rev.) V. F.
Kautz, William Smith
Kaylor, John H.
Keen, Adam
Keen, Albert M.

Keene, George W.
Kehler, Henry Neff
Keller, John
Keller, John
Keller, Samuel
Kelley, Jacob
Kelly, Michael
Kemper, David
Kendig Family
Kendig, Christian H.
Kendig, Elizabeth M.
Kendig, Francis
Kendig, Henry
Kendig, Jacob
Kendig, John & Miss B. Alice Kendig
Kendig, Martin D.
Kendig, Willis Gross
Keneagy, Samuel, M.D.
Kennedy, William H.
Kent, Mahlon B.
Kepler, Aaron Conrad
Kerner, John
Kershner, Jefferson E., Dr.
Kessler, Amos
Kessler, David
Keylor, Henry S.
Keylor, Milton, & Family
Keys, Richard
Kieffer, Christian
Kieffer, John B.
Kimmel, Jacob
Kinard, John W., M.D.
Kindig, Christian, Jr.
King, William David
King, William W.
Kinzer, B. F.
Kinzer, Dr. E.
Kinzer, John Rowland
Kinzer, William Weidler; George; & Mrs. Louisa A.
Kinzler, Frederick & Elizabeth (Miss)
Kirk, Jacob
Kirk, Lewis J
Kirk, Lewis J.
Kisiner, Theodore
Kittera, John W.
Kittera, John Wilkes
Kittera, Thomas
Klaus, John & Mrs. Katherine Klaus
Kline, Abram
Kline, Charles R.
Kline, George M.
Kline, Henry H.
Kline, J. Y., M.D.
Kline, John H.
Kline, John Henry (Lancaster)
Knox, Robert S.
Koch Family
Kohler, John (Rev.)
Kohr, John
Konigmacher, Jacob & Family
Kramer Family
Kray, Andrew
Kready, Jacob B.
Kready, John
Kreckel, Edward
Kreider Family
Kreider, Andrew H.
Kreider, Benjamin R.
Kreider, Charles D.
Kreider, Christian
Kreider, Franklin N.
Kreider, George
Kreider, John
Kreider, John H.
Kreiter, David H.
Kreiter, Jacob C.
Kreiter, John S. M.D.
Kuhn Family
Kurtz, Daniel & Families
Kurtz, John S.
Kurtz, Martin
Laird, William
Lamborn, George S. & Family
Lamparter, Miss Pauline
Landau, John
Landes, Levi
Landis -- Graybill Families
Landis Family
Landis, Adam
Landis, Benjamin B.
Landis, Benjamin L.
Landis, Charles Israel, Hon.
Landis, Christian N.
Landis, Clayton G.
Landis, David B.
Landis, David Bachman
Landis, Jacob L.
Landis, John B.
Landis, John B., Rev.
Landis, Lemon S.
Landis, Samuel
Landis, Solon Z.
Lane, John N.
Lane, Samuel E.
Lantz, Samuel Weaver & Mrs. Maria Lantz
Latta, James, Rev.
Law, James
Le Tort, Jacques
Le Tort, Jacques
Leaman, Henry & Reuben B. Leaman
Leaman, Tobias
Lebkicher, David
Lebzelter, Philip
Leech, John F.
Lefever Family
Lefever, Christian
Lefever, George
Lefever, George N.
Lefever, Henry K.
Lefever, John H.
Lehman, Amos N.
Lehman, Henry Clay
Leininger Family
Leman Brothers - Herbert D. & Reuben J.
Lennox, F. M.
Lesher, Pierce
Levenite, David B.
Levergood, John, M.D.,
Lewis, Ellis, Judge
Lichty, Henry R.
Lightner, James Newton & Family
Lightner, Joel
Lightner, John
Lightner, Nathaniel F.
Lindemufh, Martin Z.
Linden Hall Seminary
Lindley, Thomas
Lindley, Thomas
Line, John
Lineaweaver, John K., M.D.
Lingerfield, Cyrus
Lintner, Daniel H.
Linville, Benjamin
Livingston, John Boyd, Hon., LL. D.
Locher, Charles Howell
Locher, Robert E.
Long, Benjamin K.
Long, Henry Grimler, Judge
Long, Jacob Baker
Long, John F.
Long, Joseph H.
Longenecker, Addison B.
Longenecker, Christ G.
Longenecker, Isaac S.
Low, Joshua
Lowman, Martin
Lowrey, Alexander, Col.
Lowry Family
Lutz, Aaron R.
Lyle, George Lewis
Lyte, Eliphalet Oram
Mable, William & John
Mackey, James
Mann, Jacob Keplinger
Mann, Simon Seitz, M.D.
Markley, Benjamin F.
Marks Family
Marsh, Thomas Jefferson
Marshall, Charles L.
Marshall, James Henry
Marshall, William O. 
Marsteller, Philip
Martin Family
Martin, Abraham W.
Martin, B. F.
Martin, Benjamin F.
Martin, David H. & his grandson David H. Martin
Martin, David M.
Martin, E. K.
Martin, George
Martin, Henry, Rev.
Martin, Hugh
Martin, Isaac
Martin, John N.
Martin, John P.
Martin, Peter
Martin, Samuel
Martin, Williams S. & Mrs. Joanna Martin
Mathiot, John
Matlin Family
Matz, Carl Otto
Maule, J. Comly & Mrs. S. Emma Maule
Maurer, George M.
Maxwell, Hugh
Maxwell, Robert
Maxwell, William & Miss Ellen E. Maxwell
May, David
May, Frederick
Mayer, Christian
Mayer, David E.
Mayer, George
Mayer, Henry M.
Mayer, Nathaniel
Mayling, George A. & Mrs. Rebecca A. Mayling
McAlister, Archibald
McAlister, Jacob
McBride, John G.
McCamant, John
McCarter, Henry Grattan
McCaskey, Edward William, Capt.
McCaskey, John Piersol
McCaskey, Walter Bogardus
McCaskey, William Spencer, Col.
McCleery, Carpenter
McClure, David
McClure, Joseph
McClure, Samuel
McComsey Family
McConnell, Jacob C., M. D.
McCrabb, Jacob
McCulloch, Wm.
McDonald, Abraham K & Joseph R. McDonald
McElligott, Thomas Francis, Dr.
McElwain, William
McEvoy, Patrick
McGinnis, John W.
McGrann, Bernard J. & Richard McGrann
McGrann, John
McGrann, Richard
McHose, Clarence Norton
McIlvaine Family
McLane, Breneman Sitler
McLaughlin, J. F.
McLenegan, Zephaniah
McManamy, John
McManus, Owen
McMellen, Elias, Capt.
McMillan, John
McMullen, David, Hon.
McSparran, Edgar L. & Family
McSparran, James M.
McSparren, James
Mearig, William M.
Meck, John
Meck, Philip
Meckley, Isaac, & David C. Meckley
Meckley, Jacob B.
Meckley, Jacob H.
Meginness, John Franklin
Mehaffey, George W.
Mehaffey, Hugh
Meister, Emil (Rev.)
Meixel Family
Mellinger, Daniel H.
Mellinger, David F.
Mellinger, David H.
Mellinger, David H. & Henry S. Mellinger, M.D. & Families
Mellinger, Henry S.
Mellinger, Jacob
Menaugh, John R.
Mercer, James
Metzger, Henry S.
Metzger, Samuel S.
Metzroth, Martin & Mrs. Amelie
Michael, William
Miesse, D. Walter
Mifflin, Thomas
Miller Family
Miller, Amos B., M. D.
Miller, David
Miller, David L.
Miller, Franklin P. D.
Miller, Gen. Henry
Miller, Henry
Miller, Henry E.
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John
Miller, John (born 1811)
Miller, John S.
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Joseph
Miller, Martin
Miller, Martin
Miller, Milton N.
Miller, S. Clay
Miller, Samuel
Miller, Samuel K.
Miller, Tobias H.
Minich, Henry G.
Missener, J. R.
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, James Young, (Rev.) D. D.
Mitchell, James, M.D.
Mohler, John
Mohler, Samuel
Montgomery, Caleb Eugene
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, Washington
Moore, Harry Hawthorne
Moore, John
Moore, John Gainer
Moore, John Hertzler
Moore, Michael Hertzler
Moore, Phares S.
Moore, William B
Moore, William B.
Morison, George A.
Morrison, Alexander K.
Morrison, Robert A.
Mowery, Henry A., M. D.
Mowery, Henry A., M. D.
Mowrer, Amos S.
Mowrer, David W.
Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Henry Ernst
Muhlenberg, Henry E., M.D.
Mumma, Christian N.
Mumma, Frank Nissley
Mumma, Jacob S.
Murr, Isaac & Mrs. Catherine Murr
Murray, Lindley
Murray, Lindley
Musselman, Christian
Musselman, Harry
Musselman, Jacob
Musselman, John
Musser, Andrew Jackson
Musser, B. Frank
Musser, Benjamin G.
Musser, Daniel
Musser, Frank B.
Musser, Harry E.
Musser, Henry E., M. D.
Musser, Henry S.
Musser, Henry Stauffer
Musser, J. Henry, M. D.
Musser, John
Musser, John N.
Musser, Michael B.
Musser, Milton B.
Myer, Samuel R. & Miss Elizabeth Myer
Myers, Christian
Myers, Christian H.
Myers, David
Myers, David B. & Mrs. Mary H. (Shoemaker) Myers
Myers, David H.
Myers, Henry
Myers, John Henry
Myers, Michael B.
Myers, Michael G.
Myers, Reuben J.
Myers, Samuel M.
Mylin, Amos H. (Hon.)
Mylin, Eli K.
Mylin, Frank
Mylin, Martin K.
Mylin, Samuel M.
Nagel, Charles (Rev.)
Nagle, Henry
Nauman, George
Nauman, John S.
Neale, Thomas
Neff, Benjamin H.
Neff, Emanuel
Neff, Levi B.
Nevin, John Williamson, D. D.
Newcomer, Abraham
Newcomer, Amos W.
Newcomer, Jacob B.
Newcomer, Jacob N.
Newcomer, Joseph K.
Newell, Charles F.
Newman, Daniel Peter
Nisley, Daniel B.
Nissley, C. H.
Nissley, Gabriel E.
Nissley, Harvey B.
Nissley, Henry B.
Nissley, Jacob
Nissley, Peter B.
Nissley, Peter R.
Nissly Family
Nissly, Joseph B.
Nissly, Levi W.
Nissly, Samuel
Noble, William
Nolt, Jonas H.
North, Hugh M.
Ober, Andrew Curtin
Ober, Henry K. & Michael R.
Ober, Michael
Oberholtzer Family
Oberholtzer, Christian H.
Old, James
Oldweiler, Cyrus
Olmsted, John
Orth, Adam
Overholtzer, Henry D.
Owen, Benjamin
Owen, George B., Mary B. , Benjamin, Eliza and Family
Parke, Alexander G. B., M. D.
Parke, Samuel
Parr, William
Parthemer, John H.
Passmore, James
Passmore, John
Patterson, Alexander & Mrs. Elizabeth Patterson
Patterson, Arthur
Patterson, Bordley S. & Families
Patterson, D. W.
Patterson, James
Patterson, James Agnew
Patterson, James S.
Patterson, Thomas
Patton David K.
Patton, Henry
Paules, David L.
Paules, Granville W. & Family
Paxson, Joseph
Paxson, William, D. D., Rev.
Peelor, John
Pelen, Abraham
Pennell, Frank Gerber
Pennell, John Jackson
Penny, Joseph & Family
Penny, William C.
Pennypacker, John
Penrose, Lukins
Peoples, Abner
Perry, John Charles
Pfaeffle, Louis Henry
Pfahler, Henry
Pfahler, Jacob C.
Phalm, M. H.
Phenegar, Isaac
Phillip, John W. & Mrs. Mary L. Phillip
Phillips, Henry & Family
Pickel, Ellis
Pickel, Jacob
Pickel, Jacob K.
Plank, Edward H., M. D.
Poisal, David Watts Emery
Porter, James
Porter, James
Porter, John J.
Porter, Thomas
Porter, Thomas
Powden, Abraham Haines
Powl, Eli B.
Pownall, Benjamin Hickman
Pownall, Henry
Pownall, Henry
Pownall, Joseph D.
Pownall, Joseph Dickinson Coats
Pugh, William T.
Purple, Silas Howard & Mrs. Margaret A. Purple
Pusey, William Penn & Family
Quade, Frederick
Quay, Matthew Stanley
Ramsay, David
Ramsey, William
Ranck, Adam M.
Ranck, Daniel E.
Ranck, George Hildebrand & Families
Ranck, Jacob L.
Ranck, John D.
Ranck, John K., Rev.
Ranck, John M.
Rank, David W.
Rathfon, Jacob
Rathfon, John Edwin
Rathvon, George
Rathvon, Leonard
Rathvon, Simon Snyder, Ph. D.
Rauch, Lewis Augustus
Rea, Philip D.
Ream, George Ubil
Redsecker, George
Redsecker, John C.
Reed, George K.
Reed, J. Frank
Reed, John F.
Reed, Mansell
Reel, Whitell L.
Reemsnyder, Byron J. M.D., & Family
Reese, Harry Good
Reese, Samson D. & Family
Reeser, Plank
Reich, George Winfield, M.D.
Reichenbach, John Christian William
Reigart, Franklin J.
Reigart, Henry M.
Reigart, Ulrich
Reilly, Edward D.
Reilly, James B.
Reilly, Michael
Reilly, Richard M.
Reinhart, John
Reinhart, Levi
Reinhold, Edwin Becker
Reinhold, Edwin Lesher
Reinhold, Jesse
Reinoehl, A. C.
Reinoehl, Adam Cyrus, Major
Reist Family -Peter Reist
Reist, Elias E.
Reist, John
Reist, Levi
Reist, Levi S.
Reist, Peter
Reitzel, Edward B. & Witman Family
Reitzel, Ephraim H.
Reitzel, John
Resh, Henry & Family
Ressler, C. M.
Rettew, Amos M
Rettew, Willis M. & Samuel Rettew
Retzer, James
Reynolds, George Nelson & Family
Reynolds, John
Reynolds, John F., General
Reynolds, John Fulton, Gen.
Reynolds, Samuel H.
Rhine, Michael
Rhoads, Abrham S.
Rhoads, Harry L.
Rhoads, Henry Zahm
Rhoads, Henry Zahm
Rhoads, Levi S.
Rice, Joseph
Rice, William R.
RICHWINE, John George
Ricker, Frederick A.
Ricksecker, Levi
Riddle, William
Rinier, Henry & Family
Risk, Robert Blair
Rissel, John
Risser, Joseph S.
Ritchie, E. R.
Roath, Emanuel Dyer, (Hon.)
Roberts, John
Robinson, John
Robison, Michael, of Little Britain Twp.
Roebuck, Peter J., M. D.
Rohr, George
Rohrer, Abram K. & Henry D. Rohrer
Rohrer, Amos K.
Rohrer, Chrisitan H.
Rohrer, Christian & son, Henry S.
Rohrer, David B.
Rohrer, George Redsecker, M.D.
Rohrer, Isaac F.
Rohrer, Jacob
Rohrer, Jacob
Rohrer, Jacob H.
Rohrer, John
Rohrer, John L.
Rohrer, John S.
Rohrer, Milton S.
Rohrer, T. M., M. D.
Rohrer, Wayne B.
Rohrer. John K.
Roland, Cornelius F.
Roland, George O. & Miss Elizabeth J. Roland
Roland, Henry
Roland, Henry Augustus & Mrs. Jane W. Roland
Roland, John
Roland, John H.
Ross, George
Ross, George
Ross, Robert
Ross, William Bird
Rost, George
Rote, Henry
Roth, George Roth, M. D.
Rowe, Benjamin F.
Rowe, C. S.
Royer, Abraham & Jacob W. Royer, M.D.
Royer, Cyrus
Ruby, Harry K.
Ruffner Family
Rupp, Benjamin S.
Rupp, Isaac Daniel, Prof.
Rupp, Joseph
Rupp, William, Rev.
Rush Family
Russel, John R.
Russell, William H.
Ruth, John F. LL. D.
Ruth, William D.
Rutherford, John D.
Rutt, Samuel M.
Rutter, Amos
Rutter, John McNeal
Rutter, Nathaniel
Rynear, Charles & Mrs. Rachel M. Rynear
Sample, Samuel R., M. D.
Samuels, Charles Albert
Sapp, William C.
Sauder, Jacob M.
Sauder, Peter H.
Saunder, Rev. John M.
Saunders, Isaac
Schaum, Benjamin
Scheetz, Abram
Scheib, Johannes (AKA John Shipe)
Schleich, John & George H.
Schnader, Reuben K., & Family
Schneider Families
Schneider Family
Schneider, Christian
Schneitman, William B.
Schock, John & Family
Schroeder, Francis
Schroyer, Henry Albert & Family